Denver Partners With Panasonic on Smart City Project


Denver is partnering with Panasonic Corporation on a local smart city project that will bring in several private sector partners. Denver will launch the project using Panasonic’s CityNOW service.

According to the company, Denver will be adding sensors to local lighting and transportation systems. These sensors will be monitoring usage and providing real time information to travelers.

Towards this goal, Xcel Energy has presented a project to build a microgrid with contributions from Panasonic and Denver International Airport that will demonstrate the use of Solar Photo Voltaic and Lithium Ion storage batteries working together. The Microgrid, made up of a 1.3MW AC Solar Carport System and a 1MW/2MWh Battery Storage System, if approved, will be “the most comprehensive project of this type in Colorado history and the first with actual customer participation in a real-world environment,” according to Alice K. Jackson, regional vice president for rates and regulatory affairs at Xcel Energy.

Panasonic is also working with Aviation Station North Metropolitan District No. 1, developerStat. Fulenwider, Inc. and Denver International Airport to pilot a system of “smart” LED Street lighting. The system is designed to save energy, optimize usage and bring new video analytics technology to streets that can support parking management, traffic analysis, security, and many other potential future services.