California DOJ Signs Security Agreement With Amazon Web Services


The California Department of Justice has signed a Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Addendum with Amazon Web Services to ensure the security of criminal and law enforcement data in their cloud systems. Amazon has signed these agreements at both the state and local level in order to provide CJIS compliant security.

The addenda are notable for new law enforcement and government services cloud providers like Amazon and Google. CivSource has previously reported on some relatively high profile incidents in California with cloud providers that are new to the field and have faced challenges meeting the requirements.

The California Department of Justice has made its security process a statewide process to get around having each locality have to set up security agreements on their own. Through that framework, law enforcement will now be able to access a set of pre-approved architectures that meet security metrics.

“The cloud is an essential part of our strategy to securely deliver innovative digital services to all law enforcement agencies across California. With the CJIS addendum, law enforcement agencies statewide can adopt a cloud-first approach, and benefit from the cloud’s agility, cost savings, and breadth of functionality,” said Adrian Farley, Chief Information Officer, California DOJ said in a statement.