Silver Springs Networks Launches Smart City Platform


Silver Spring Networks has released a new smart city control and management platform that also includes an app store function for developers to add their own smart city applications to the mix. The platform was released at the IES Street & Area Lighting Conference, earlier today.

The app store and developer program will allow both software developers and device manufacturers to contribute products and devices for the platform making it relatively vendor agnostic.

The company recently launched what is believed to be the largest networked street lights project in the world with Florida Power & Light. That project will make use of the new platform and involve a half a million lights across the utility’s service area. Florida Power & Light is supporting the project in order to expand its existing smart grid.

Public lighting can consume as much as 40% of a municipality’s energy budget. More cities across the globe are looking to remotely manage their lighting networks to lower energy consumption, improve lighting reliability and public safety.

The platform provides support for a range of devices including electrical vehicle charging stations, traffic cameras, parking kiosks, environmental sensors, and others. Functionality has also been included for asset management which will let city officials develop custom inventory attributes, arrange work orders, and modify devices on the platform as needed.

“Cities and utilities are looking to not only more effectively manage their street lights but to also leverage their lighting networks to connect a wide range of additional smart city devices,” said Christophe Orceau, Director for Streetlight.Vision, Silver Spring Networks.