San Francisco Public Schools Modernize Grants Management


The San Francisco Public School District is modernizing its grant management system. The District has awarded a contract to eCivis to centralize grants management and integrate it with PeopleSoft, the District’s existing ERP system.

eCivis provides a data extraction for grants management platform. Users of the service can avoid keying data multiple times by relying on extraction and automation to fill out grant utilization reports.

More state and local organizations are considering ways to integrate with and update legacy ERP systems with new technology aimed at streamlining systems.

Many public sector organizations export data from various systems and spend days creating reports to make sense of their grant awards. “For school districts that function as both grantee and grantor, this task is more difficult because of sub-awards,” said eCivis CEO James Ha.

Ha says his software can remove redundant processes associated with grants management and cut both cost and time to grant execution. These savings can be significant for districts.

The company is also worked with Broward County Public Schools on a similar implementation earlier this year. That project took five years and supports over 500 internal departments and school districts and nearly 3,000 grant awards for Broward County Public Schools.