OpenGov Launches Data Insights Tool

Injured Piggy Bank WIth Crutches

California-based OpenGov has launched a new data insights tool that will work with its existing government transparency software and aims to provide government administrators with a clearer view into the whole organization. The new tool – OpenGov Intelligence enables administrators to discover, share, and compare data across departments and other governments.

Working with the transparency software both tools essentially provide data visualizations internally and across governments. OpenGov Intelligence is primarily focused on visualizing financial data, but can be expanded to include other operational data sets.

Data can be uploaded and shared within agencies or across jurisdictions in order to support collaborative efforts within administration.

Budget milestone reports and cost of accounts reports are also available.

OpenGov can also be used to open books and records to the public to provide high-value financial information out to taxpayers. McKinney, Texas recently launched its own open financial portal with the software. Individual users can chart budget data and look up information on the general registers about spending that interests them.