Bartlett, TN Looks at Public Safety Radios Upgrade With New Contract


The city of Bartlett, Tennessee is looking for a new first responders radio system and has tapped Federal Engineering to run the consulting process. Federal Engineering will evaluate the current system and assist in writing and reviewing vendor proposals, according to the award announcement.

“The city of Bartlett seeks a public safety radio strategic plan that will meet the communications requirements of Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works and other City departments. In addition, the system must support interoperability among the surrounding jurisdictions including: Shelby County, City of Memphis, City of Germantown, City of Collierville, City of Millington, DeSoto County Public Safety, Marshall County Public Safety, and Fayette County Public Safety as well as the State of Tennessee,” said Inspector Dennis Canon of the Bartlett Police Department.

Bartlett plans to structure the project in two phases. Phase one will review the existing communications infrastructure and collect recommendations for improvements. This phase will also include a budget cost analysis of the system design and set up the bid specifications.

Phase two will include project administration and management during construction of the system. This phase will also include site visits, inspection, validation and verification services.

Federal Engineering will be involved in both phases.

Federal Engineering provides public safety consulting on a range of services including next generation 911, FirstNet consulting, public safety radio, and communications networks. As CivSource has previously reported, the public safety opportunity set for vendors is expansive, and has caused even some defense contractors to start retooling military grade offerings for domestic public safety.