Georgia Awards Medicaid Contracts


The Georgia Department of Community Health has announced a round of contract awards for private managed care coordination of the state’s Medicaid system. Amerigroup Georgia, CareSource Georgia, Peach State Health Plan Inc. and WellCare were chosen. The awards represent a continuance of the relationships with Amerigroup and WellCare, which have been working with the state on Medicaid issues since 2006.

Services under the new contract are expected to begin on July 1, 2016, with an initial one-year term and five additional one-year renewal options at DCH’s discretion.

Amerigroup was also chosen to run the GA Families 360 Care Management Organization. Families 360 provides care for children and young adults in the foster care system in Georgia.

Amerigroup and WellCare were also named as recipients on the recent Iowa Medicaid modernization effort which effectively privatizes that system. As CivSource has reported, those awards are being contested in Iowa as officials question the legality of shifting the system to the private sector and vendors themselves squabble over who was chosen.

Amerigroup came up as a subject of an independent investigation by the Des Moines Register, which showed efforts by the company to redact a significant amount of information about its Iowa bid.