Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas Modernize Business Rules Management


Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas have started work on updating their business rules management through the Progress Corticon system. The system provides updates to legacy business rules systems within government.

Business rules systems essentially support workflows for compliance dependent organizations like government. For example, the Affordable Care Act forced modernization of supporting software applications, as well as brand new systems, to conform with mandated changes to healthcare eligibility and administration. Rather than modify existing systems, most states determined that it would be more cost effective to rewrite the systems using modern business rules engines to guard against ongoing regulatory changes.

Progress Corticon is designed specifically for public sector organizations and has been snapping up market share in this niche. The company has also made investments aimed at keeping the solution responsive to changing compliance requirements.

The latest update allows for rule authors to build, develop, test and deploy rules in their platform of choice-Java or .NET. In addition to cross-platform support, other new features include rule flow branching, adaptive and reusable rule flows, improved thread pooling and high-performance logging.

The State of Oregon Health Authority is modifying its rules system in line with the new requirements of ACA. The changes improve eligibility screening and provide a record of what rules were in place at any given time.

The Texas Teachers Retirement System is upgrading as part of its enterprise modernization program. The system will provide a knowledge base do that information isn’t lost as staff retires and institutional knowledge disappears.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is bringing manual processes online and modernizing within the new requirements of ACA.