Nokia Networks Expands Public Safety Capabilities


Nokia Networks has expanded its LTE network in a box (NIB), in its latest move to compete for the significant public safety market, and especially FirstNet. The expansion includes integration of Harris’ BeOn communications suite. Harris is Nokia’s public safety partner.

The NIB technology is a compact LTE network that provides mobile radio-like (LMR) applications, including push-to-talk, situational awareness, group messaging, location tracking and streaming video over the public safety broadband LTE network.

Network in a box essentially provides a pop-up network for first responders in the event they are responding to an issue outside of regular network coverage. NIB’s also work if existing networks are overloaded, allowing for both voice and data transfer.

The networks can be installed in public safety vehicles or trailers.

As CivSource previously reported, FirstNet is exploring the use of a mobile communications unit (MCU) that would deploy similar technology.

Nokia partnered with Harris to compete for FirstNet and other public safety opportunities. The two companies are providing LTE networking solutions, along with public safety specific applications. Nokia and Harris plan to show their integrated solutions at APCO this week in Washington D.C.