IBM Acquires Compose for Cloud


IBM has acquired San Mateo, CA-based Compose, a cloud services company. The company provides MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, and other database as a service (DBaaS) offerings targeted at web and mobile app developers. The company previously participated in the 2011 Y Combinator class.

The cloud database arena is projected to be worth $14 billion by 2019, and IBM is attempting to build out an offering that will be able to compete.

Compose will become part of the Bluemix cloud platform.

“Compose furthers IBM’s commitment to ensuring developers have access to the right tools for the job by offering the broadest set of DBaaS service and the flexibility of hybrid cloud deployment,” Derek Schoettle, General Manager, IBM Cloud Data Services.

Compose provides IBM with an enhanced framework to deliver highly sought after, production ready, cloud database services for developers. The software comes with a containerized platform that will build on IBM’s existing container technology currently available through Docker. Compose also provides a data transporter to allow developers to move data between services for rapid application development.