Indiana Passes Broadband Bills


Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed two broadband bills this week which aim to expand access and build out local network infrastructure.

The first bill supports the creation of “broadband ready” communities by providing resources for building network infrastructure, and also establishes a statewide Broadband Ready Communities Development Center.

One municipality – Nashville, Indiana has already been named the first area in the state to be approved as broadband ready.

Criteria for the designation include being in the discovery and/or planning phase of projects that will build out the state’s broadband infrastructure and provide access to residents.

The second bill prohibits state government from collecting taxes on broadband use or access. That ban will only go into effect if the federal law that currently prohibits access taxes expires later this year.

Both bills were supported by a range of broadband providers including CenturyLink and AT&T. Representatives from those companies joined the Governor at his bill signing ceremony.