Massachusetts Communities Fund Broadband Collective


Several Massachusetts municipalities have joined together to fund and deploy a broadband collective called WiredWest. WiredWest will provide gigabit internet to 22 towns.

The towns are primarily in Western Massachusetts.

Pricing will start at $49 per month for 25Mbps speeds with no caps. Other pricing tiers include 100mbps and gigabit service at higher price points.

So far, some $34 million has been raised by participating municipalities and partners toward a $79 million goal. Another 10 municipalities are reported to be joining the collective.

The project is a unique effort toward building out a shared services model for municipal broadband. The FCC recently announced its support for municipal broadband following years of coordinated attacks by the largest telecom companies to stifle these network, even where they have no plans to build private networks.

According to RCR Wireless News, for towns to join 40% of households have to sign a conditional agreement and deposit $49.

The WiredWest website keeps track of funding and deposits on its website similar to the goal trackers seen on crowdfunding platforms.