DFW Airport Signs on With Dali Wireless For Public Safety


The Dallas Fort Worth Airport maintains 12 million square feet of space, and that space needs wireless capability for operations and public safety. To that end, the airport is going with Dali Wireless for a dynamic public safety network.

As CivSource reported earlier this year, Dali recently completed the first ever trials of dynamic network allocation in Singapore. Dynamic network allocation allows capacity to be pooled at a central location and routed to where and when it is needed. Resources are only consumed when needed and with elasticity. The goal of this technology is to create a more resilient network and drive down total cost of network ownership on the basis of the same scaling theories that drive cloud services.

The DFW project will cover all of the terminals in the airport and serve as part of the DFW critical communications network for law enforcement and homeland security.

The deployment at DFW Airport will cover an area of over 12,000,000 square feet, and will be configured to work with a range of network structures – star, daisy-chained and hybrid. The network plan will also support long fiber runs between remotes, and base stations to create a more resilient network. The network will also be adaptable to FirstNet, P25 Phase I & II, narrowband and broadband public safety.

CivSource has previously reported on new developments in networking including TV White Space and Google’s recent effort with millimeter waves. Watch this space.