San Diego Considers 311


The San Diego city council will consider creating a 311 system, according to a report from San Diego Public Radio’s City News Service. Councilman Mark Kersey has asked for the consideration to be included on the next agenda for the council.

In a memo he explained the request by noting that the city has multiple phone numbers posted for all sorts of services, and that it would be easier for residents if they had a single number to call in on.

311 systems already exist in a handful of major metropolitan areas like New York and Philadelphia. Philadelphia just completed the latest phase of a multi-year roll out of its 311 system that includes the use of neighborhood liaisons that help people learn how to post service requests and self organize around common issues.

The effort by San Diego is the latest in a handful of digital initiatives happening in government throughout the state of California. Earlier this week the state legislature began considering a proposal that would create a Chief Data Officer role for the state. The proposal was brought by Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento.

In the same proposal, Pan also called for the creation of a statewide open data roadmap.