NEAD launches MyCivicApps


NEAD has launched MyCivicApps, a platform for municipal governments to do citizen engagement and relationship management. MyCivicApps is the next evolution in the company’s MyCity Mobile platform first launched in 2010.

MyCivic Apps connects citizens—and allows them to communicate in real time—with city hall.

“George Bernard Shaw once said that the single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place,” says T.J. Sokoll, founder of Orange County-based NEAD, Inc. and MyCivic Apps. “There’s probably no better example of this than in our growing cities.”

The features of MyCivic Apps include smart forms that allow citizens to pay municipal bills, file for licenses and permits and report a lost pet, power outage, hazardous debris on a highway or suspicious activity in a neighborhood. Push notifications geo-targeted to citizens based on their location provide relevant information on local events, weather and road conditions.

MyCivic Apps also offers municipal and union customers responsive website development with the added value of convenience, simple user interfaces and cost efficiency.