ICMA Develops Local Gov Analytics With SAS


The International City and County Management Association (ICMA) has partnered with SAS to develop a cloud-based analytics platform for local governments. The offering allows municipalities and counties to compare their performance data with other participating jurisdictions and gain insight from the data.

The analytics include data points from police, fire, trash collection, permitting and other service delivery in order to evaluate overall performance metrics and create comparisons. In total, the solution employs 950 measures across seven categories.

As local government entities add data to the system they can look across similar jurisdictions and compare outcomes in order to find areas of improvement.

“Our goal is to grow in the ICMA Insights database to the point at which participants can match their performance against hundreds of other communities. They can then base evaluations not only on their own historical performance, but also that of a universe of similar communities,” said ICMA Executive Director Bob O’Neill.

So far, over 100 local governments are using the system.