Cisco Launches IoT Curriculum


Cisco has released the first global ‘Internet of Everything’ (IoE) curriculum designed to create a framework for the next wave of IT professionals who wish to learn about how the IoE will work. Cisco has identified IoE technology as a potential $19 trillion market opportunity. Sometimes referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) or the ‘Industrial Internet’ these terms are a catchall for the growth of wireless, sensor, and smart devices that will talk to each other and provide insights back to users.

For the public sector IoT technology is seeing its first use cases in smart cities initiatives, with the implementation of sensor networks and other software that track parking, traffic systems, and also municipal infrastructures. State level implementations are also making their way through the US in areas like grid systems or facilities management.

It is predicted that there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020 creating incredible amounts of data and innovation possibilities that will revolutionize the job landscape.

Launched today as part of the Cisco Networking Academy Partner Summit in Barcelona, the “Introduction to the Internet of Everything” is the first of a series of IoE courses. This entry-level course is aimed at anyone who wants to grasp the opportunities which the inter connection of people, processes, data and things will bring, and does not require any in-depth IT knowledge as a prerequisite. It is available globally as a free as a self-learning course for every Cisco Networking Academy student. Academies can also create instructor-led classes to teach the curriculum.

Cisco Networking Academy is a non-commercial ICT training program that equips people with the skills to succeed high technology industries.