MiCTA Is On The Hunt For Broadband Providers


MiCTA, a representative organization for educational, government and other non-profits in Michigan and nationwide, has issued an RFP for wide-area broadband network providers as it seeks to connect its membership. MiCTA has thousands of members nationwide, and is specifically looking for private sector providers that can improve broadband access through a master services agreement.

“The RFP seeks to identify qualified wide-area network fiber construction contractors across the United States,” says Tim von Hoff, Chief Operating Officer of MiCTA. “Many of our members would like to take advantage of programs to help them receive high-speed broadband connectivity.”

MiCTA supports its membership with group purchasing programs and other operational support in the telecommunications arena. By evaluating qualified fiber build-out contractors under a master service agreement, MiCTA aims to streamline and reduce the cost of designing and building rural wide-area fiber-based network. A significant portion of MiCTA’s membership is based in rural areas.

“In rural settings, it is often faster and more cost-effective for our members to build and operate their own wide-area fiber networks. This RFP will enable all MiCTA members to locate qualified fiber contractors who can provide these essential fiber build-out services,” von Hoff says.

The deadline to respond is November 21, 2014. Copies of the RFP are available through MiCTA.