NYC Launches Domain Extension


As part of a broader initiative to attract more tech companies and make New York the Silicon Valley of the East, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and city officials are launching – including a domain extension just for New York businesses. The domain extension is part of an online platform for New Yorkers to get information about the city, jobs, and the myriad incentives available to potential New York startups.

Profiles of each existing local startup and their investors will be available on the site as well. This area of the platform is also meant to attract venture capital interest to new startups currently looking for investor dollars. More than a dozen New York City-based tech and civic organizations joined with the City, led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), to create Digital.NYC.

All of the information on the platform will be updated in real time and will allow startups to create job postings and keep the city updated on their activities. Digital.NYC builds on the City’s original Made in New York Digital Map, created in 2012 by Internet Week New York, and the City’s We Are Made in NY™ campaign, launched in 2013. Earlier this year, NYCEDC convened a series of roundtables with key tech companies, community-based organizations, business improvement districts and other stakeholders to solicit feedback on how the site can best serve its users and New Yorkers in general.

The platform was built by ew York-based Gust on Bluemix, IBM’s new cloud development technology, it is one of the first web platforms to take advantage of the new dot-NYC top-level Internet domain, exclusively reserved for New York City residents and businesses.

“New York City tech has a new address, and that address is, a one-stop shop for civic hackers, businesses and big data. As Silicon Alley goes head to head with Silicon Valley, one advantage is a tech-savvy city that respects and promotes business and open data,” said Council Member Ben Kallos.