North Kansas City To Get Free Gigabit Internet


North Kansas City, Missouri residents can look forward to free gigabit internet next year. The service is being provided by liNKCity. Residents who already have the service will be able to get free gigabit internet by updating their subscription plan. Residents who do not already have gigabit internet service will still qualify simply by paying an installation fee.

A 10 Gbps tier will also be offered making the city of North Kansas City 10 times faster than the fastest city in the world.

While liNKCity already offers a monthly gigabit service option for business customers, the company is looking to increase bandwidth on all business offerings early next year.

liNKCity is a comprehensive data services provider supported by an extensive fiber optic network. “liNKCity is excited to be able to give something back to the residents in North Kansas City that have support the company since day one. Our partnership with Datashack allows us to have the bandwidth we need in order to make North Kansas City one of the fastest cities in the United States,” said Mellissa Hopkins, Marketing and Sales Manager.

The offering is notable not only because it offers free gigbit service, but because of its proximity to the Google Fiber project underway in Kansas City, Kansas. Taken together services offered within the Kansas City metro area could create one of the first inter-state gigabit access corridors.

Municipal networks and by extension, disruptive networks like Google Fiber have been under steady attack from incumbent providers. AT&T recently announced expansions of its gigabit internet offerings, however all of those areas represent major city hubs. While both Kansas City, Kansas and North Kansas City, Missouri are certainly part of a larger metro area, they aren’t major cities in their own right, making the offerings all the more unique. Comcast too, recently announced that it has been forced to lower prices in areas adjacent to Google Fiber. Offering the service for free could serve to bring down America’s overpriced utility even more. Watch this space.