Indiana Management Hub Takes Shape


Last month, CivSource reported on efforts underway in Indiana to improve government service delivery, as well as public health and safety through the use of big data. Indiana is using SAP HANA to analyze state data and glean recommendations about problems that exist and resolve them. More specifically, the state is looking for ways to cut the infant mortality rate which is abnormally high relative to other states.

Now, the next phase of what the state is calling its “Performance and Management Hub” is coming into view. Governor Mike Pence has spent $338,000 to renovate a suite of offices in the basement of the Statehouse to house the Hub. That’s in addition to the $500,000 contract the state entered into with SAP for maintenance for its SAP HANA platform which initially cost $2.5 million.

The state is also paying KSM Consulting $1.3 million to use the data from SAP HANA and community input to cut the infant mortality rate.

The Governor is calling the Hub “the future of state government.”

Some of the data from the Hub will be available to the public through its website. The Hub’s data engineers will also be focusing on issues like car accidents, petty crime and public safety concerns. At a media event showcasing the office space, the Governor highlighted several real-time data maps crunching numbers from all over the state.

“Our MPH Technology Center will help us better collaborate to solve some of Indiana’s toughest problems, allowing state government to run more effectively, with enhanced efficiency, and with better transparency for taxpayers,” the Governor said.