McAfee Releases SaaS Security For The AWS Government Cloud


McAfee is offering its Host-Based Security Solution (HBSS) to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) for government customers changing over to the cloud environment. HBSS, a security architecture deployed throughout the Department of Defense (DoD), will be the first in a series of McAfee Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings enabled by InfoReliance, the company that is assisting with McAfee’s migration of existing tools and products to the AWS Cloud.

DoD was chosen as the first deployment of this type as AWS GovCloud (US) Region became the first-ever cloud service to receive a Provisional Authorization from the DoD for CSM levels 1-5. CSM stands for Cloud Security Model, and is DoD’s internal agency wide standard for cloud security.

The offering is an off-the-shelf solution that is available for use as of this month. The company has also set up a new test drive environment to allow security teams to look at the other AWS focused offerings.

HBSS is already implemented on over five million DoD systems. The new solution relies on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model for agencies that wish to use it.

“We’re embracing cloud through strategic investments across our portfolio of network and endpoint cybersecurity technologies so they will be interoperable with AWS,” said Ken Kartsen, Vice President of Federal at McAfee.

Last week CivSource reported on the announcement of new federal funding for cybersecurity research and development projects. That funding will come from DHS following calls for proposals over the next few years.