Hawaii Telecom Invests In Gigabit Broadband Connecting The US and Southeast Asia


Hawaiian Telecom will be part of a broader consortium of seven telecommunications companies that are building an undersea cable to link the US and Southeast Asia. The Southeast Asia – United States “SEA-US” consortium consists of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), Globe Telecom, RAM Telecom International (RTI), Hawaiian Telcom, Teleguam Holdings (GTA), GTI Corporation (a member of the Globe Telecom group of companies) and Telkom USA.

According to a recent global bandwidth forecast published by TeleGeography, trans-Pacific demand is expected to
increase at a compounded annual rate of 33 percent between now and 2020. The new trans-Pacific submarine cable system will connect Indonesia, Philippines, Guam, Hawai?i and California by the end of 2016.

Total cost for the project is estimated to be some $250 million.

The cable will deliver gigabit service providing an initial 20 Terabytes per second (Tbps) of capacity over approximately 15,000 kilometers of fiber. As part of the consortium, Hawaiian Telcom will invest approximately $25 million over the multi-year construction period for a fractional ownership in the system.

The SEA-US system is strategically located along an underserved trans-Pacific route and will be the first submarine cable directly connecting Indonesia and the United States. With a high concentration of existing trans-Pacific fiber cables on the Japan-United States route, this system will provide route diversity options allowing customers to reduce risk due to natural disasters from typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis thereby helping to ensure stable connectivity.

“The SEA-US Cable will provide much needed Asia-US connectivity and will be the fastest cable connecting Southeast Asia with the United States. It provides essential route diversity from the North Pacific and taps into to the strong economic growth of more than 1.5 billion businesses and consumers who are internet savvy and data hungry,” said Russ Matulich, Chief Executive Officer of RTI, in a statement.