MongoDB Launches New Big Data Service Aimed At Government

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MongoDB, the big data company, has released a new offering for government agencies. The US government across all levels is the biggest consumer and generator of data and is rapidly confronting a sizeable data storage problem. MongoDB’s QuickStart offering is designed to help mitigate storage issues and problems with legacy systems.

QuickStart also includes features that will allow the cataloging of an entire entity within the government, as well as Data as a Service (DaaS) capabilities.

MongoDB has steadily targeted government agencies since the beginning. The company currently services all levels of the US government for individual agencies and offices that are working to modernize systems and data.

Earlier this month, CivSource reported on efforts underway in Indiana to use big data to reduce infant mortality. For that effort the state is using SAP HANA, further underlining the growth in this space at the government level. Indiana has an infant mortality rate that is higher than the national average and Governor Mike Pence has made reducing that number part of his administration’s agenda.

By using big data analytics to determine local causes for higher infant mortality, state officials hope to customize a plan to treat those underlying issues. The state aims to bring the number of deaths to under 7 per 1,000 births within the next two years.