Massachusetts Goes With General Dynamics for 911 system


Massachusetts has chosen General Dynamics to be the contractor on its migration to a next generation 911 system. The update will move much of the emergency response process out of manual workflows and into texting, online communications, and cloud services. With this award, Massachusetts becomes one of the first states in the nation to begin transitioning to a statewide NG9-1-1 system that complies with the National Emergency Number Association’s (NENA) i3 architecture standards, enabling local and nationwide interoperability so more accurate information can be shared faster with first responders.

CivSource recently reported on efforts in Morgan County, Ohio to move to a similar system and set up a platform for other counties to join. Massachusetts is mounting a statewide effort.

The system will integrate GIS data into all emergency service requests to accurately map a caller’s location and route these calls and corresponding information to the public safety answering points. The company will also train more than 6,000 Massachusetts Public Safety personnel (police, fire, dispatch) and other emergency service organizations.

The state has 249 public safety responder points that will be impacted by the upgrade, requiring close coordination between municipal, county and state offices. The upgrade will also provide some of the groundwork for the state’s efforts with FirstNet.

“This vitally important system transition enhances the safety of 9-1-1 users in the Commonwealth by allowing the public better, easier access to emergency responders,” said Massachusetts Public Safety Secretary Andrea Cabral. “It will effectively transform our analog based system into an IP- based system making it compatible with today’s changing technology and communication methods.”