Brainscape To Offer English Courses For DACA Children


Brainscape, a startup which provides mobile device based learning for children, is offering its English language module to children who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) status. The announcement follows a recent influx of Latin American children coming to the US border hoping for asylum. The company says its intention is to help accelerate students’ assimilation into American society.

Brainscape is offering up to two million free copies of its English language learning software, amounting to some $20 million in software.

“These children will need all of the help they can get to assimilate into American culture, we’re offering a tool to help them do that,” Andrew Cohen, founder and CEO of Brainscape says in an interview with CivSource. “We’re doing it because we feel that supporting the assimilation of these children is simply the right thing to do.”

The English language software offered by Brainscape typically costs $10 for a mobile device. Users who are interested in taking advantage of the free offer will need to let the company know that they’ve been given this status, and my do so by emailing the company.

Currently, Brainscape has approximately 7 million active users across its applications. Cohen notes that while these children will in fact need a mobile device of some type to access the service, the likelihood that these children will gain access to one is strong. “Mobile platforms are generally economical, and they will need them to operate in society. We’re interested in providing them with an additional tool they can access through their mobile device.”