LexisNexis Acquires PoliceReports.US


LexisNexis has acquired PoliceReports.us, an online distributor of vehicle accident reports currently in use by 29 states. The acquisition – which includes PoliceReports.US technology, staff and book of business – will complement the LexisNexis® eCrash solution with enhanced crash report data, analytics and distribution capabilities.

This is the second acquisition for the eCrash group, which bought iyeTek in May – a software development company. LexisNexis used the iyeTek acquisition to expand eCrash’s market presence with mobile and online improvements.

eCrash is a free online crash reporting offering. eCrash automates the entire crash report process from initial data capture, to administration and through to report distribution, enabling law enforcement agencies to save time during an incident. The solution also uses the crash data to provide analytical breakdowns of local communities, so that law enforcement can plan around crash prone areas.

PoliceReports.US, originally founded in Mooresville, North Carolina, will bring the value of expanded crash reports to LexisNexis® eCrash. Law enforcement will see a faster crash reporting process and additional aggregate data with the PoliceReports.US technology.

Current PoliceReports.US applications that will be integrated into LexisNexis® eCrash include accident report and crash scene photograph distribution, as well as online crime reporting, ticket pay and report requests. At the time of acquisition, PoliceReports.US was actively deployed across 600 agencies.