CenturyLink Launches Gigabit Service in 16 Cities


CenturyLink, a national provider of telecommunications services is launching gigabit broadband service in 16 cities. The launch sites are generally major metropolitan areas. Some of the cities are also in proximity to Google Fiber networks, and municipal broadband efforts, providing further indications that incumbent providers might almost start competing for customers when such independent competition exists.

The company will provide fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology to provide these ultra-fast broadband speeds to residential and business customers in ten of the cities, and business-only service in the other six.

This multi-city residential and business service offering extends CenturyLink’s 1 Gbps service already available to residential customers in certain parts of Omaha and Las Vegas and select business customers in Salt Lake City.

News of the expanded offering comes on the heels of a recent settlement the company made with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, over improperly charging residential customers. The improper charges included incorrect taxes and fees added to consumer bills, including those who qualified for low-income service programs. CenturyLink will pay over $30,000 in fines as part of the settlement. As part of the settlement, the company admits there were billing errors and agrees to pay the penalty. The company also installed a technical upgrade to ensure accurate billing going forward.

Washington Utility officials will also continue to monitor the company’s billing activities.

The ten cities that will have both business and residential gigabit service include:
-Colombia, Missouri
-Denver, Colorado
-Las Vegas, Nevada
-Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
-Omaha, Nebraska
-Orlando, Florida
-Portland, Oregon
-Salt Lake City, Utah
-Seattle, Washington

The six cities that will get business only gigabit service include:
-Colorado Springs, Colorado
-Phoenix, Arizona
-Sioux Falls, South Dakota
-Spokane, Washington
-Tucson, Arizona