Wichita Falls Taps Tyler For ERP & Court Modernization


Wichita Falls, Texas is going with Tyler Technologies for ERP and Municipal Court modernization. Both systems will move the city to a paperless enterprise and court case management environment.

Through Tyler’s Munis applications, the city will move utility billing, accounts receivable and other city services online, and make a number of processes self-service for residents. The Incode courts system will bring case management online to make a faster, paperless system.

As CivSource reported last week, a handful of other municipalities have recently moved to paperless courts management systems in an effort to cut costs and improve service delivery. Other courts, like the 13th District in Arkansas are also upgrading court reporting systems to record the events in the room instead of maintaining court stenographer positions.

Demands on the court systems across all levels of government has consistently increased with municipal courts often becoming the front line for that uptick in demand. As that continues, budget directors are likely to turn their attention to solutions that will cut wait times and paper load.