Bechtel Launches Cybersecurity Effort With National Laboratories


Bechtel has launched a program with two US national security laboratories to fund multiyear positions for early-career professionals in cybersecurity fields. The joint effort will recruit and cultivate cybersecurity experts to strengthen networks.

Bechtel will collaborate on the program with Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to better protect America’s cyber assets. Bechtel co-manages Los Alamos and Livermore with the University of California and other partners.

Under the program, new recruits will join each of the three organizations and spend time at the other two.

As a company Bechtel provides cybersecurity services to a number of agencies and offices within the US and UK governments. The effort is aimed at recruiting more early-career professionals to cybersecurity monitoring positions while also exposing them to research and development efforts within the cybersecurity industry.

Although the partnership includes public organizations, funding for the project is entirely private and does not include tax payer dollars from either country.

“Cyber threats pose a danger to the government and the private sector. Bechtel protects assets in both areas and can uniquely join forces with two national laboratories,” said Craig Albert, president of Bechtel’s government services business unit. “When you combine the resources and expertise of our three organizations you have a program that will make significant contributions across a broad spectrum of cybersecurity areas.”