Shawnee, Kansas Moves to Paperless Court System


Shawnee, Kansas has moved to a paperless court system through a contract awarded to Pioneer Technology Group. The case management system aims to improve service delivery to those doing business with the court, and will also improve information delivery about court matters to the general public.

The case management system will allow judges, lawyers, and individuals to collaborate in real time online with case and court documents. The Pioneer solution is already in place in Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and Alabama.

The company is now also active in Colorado, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, and Utah as the result of selection of its new Official Records System, Landmark, and the company’s secure title insurance document system, YourDox.

Shawnee is one of the first municipal courts in Kansas to move to a paperless system although others are expected to follow. Courts throughout the country have been working to modernize and move to paperless systems as the demand on the court system remains high and backlogs are increasing.