SAIC, Kapersky Launch New Cybersecurity Offerings


SAIC is responding to the drop in federal, state and local budgets by offering a new tiered system of cybersecurity consulting. SAIC offers the public sector cybersecurity consulting and vendor solutions including ethical “white hat” hackers and other managed services. The move comes as many other vendors in the space look at ways to offer complex information management services at more economical price points.

SAIC will be offering three tiers of service split between consulting, engineering, and services that customers can pick and choose from as needed. The company is offering ‘security-as-a-service’ through SAC’s security operations center as well.

Other vendors like Kapersky are getting into the act, the Russian company will be launching a US arm – Kapersky Government Security Solutions – to compete for the same security dollars in a space already dominated by Symantec, IBM, Verizon, and several others.

Notably, the new Kapersky arm which will be opening in Washington D.C. is staffed by a number of former SAIC security professionals. Kapersky Lab recently hired Adam Firestone who previously spent 17 years at SAIC.

The market may not be over saturated as many government IT shops are having difficulty finding in-house security officers, which has led to increases in subcontracting these services.

Those spots may remain open as pay and resources stay low in the public sector. Recent revelations of domestic and international spying have also alienated large portions of the security research community not already working for government.