GovDelivery Taps Carpathia For Cloud Services


GovDelivery which manages email delivery for government agencies and offices is going with Carpathia for federal cloud compliance and cloud services. Virginia-based Carpathia offers the IBX Vault which it claims is one of the most secure, federally compliant data centers.

GovDelivery’s Communications Cloud solution currently manages more than 1,000 public sector organizations worldwide. The company is now working to build a Northern Virginia site to provide redundancy for its data center in Minnesota.

Carpathia maintains both NIST 800-583 and AT101 SOC2 designations on the IBX Vault offering. The solution also provides a multi-carrier bandwidth offering including cross connect capabilities. This will allow GovDelivery to connect into the network based on preferred pathways.

Carpathia already serves other public sector clients at the federal, state and local level.

CivSource has previously reported on the rapid growth of cloud services offerings for public sector and public sector servicers. The federally mandated “cloud first” strategy kicked into high gear this year as service providers have rushed to comply with NIST frameworks and achieve FedRAMP status. Others have used the preference for cloud services to bring sophisticated open data and predictive analytics offerings to market for government clients as well.