New York Turns to GPS For Bridge Project


As New York works through construction work on the Tappan Zee and other local bridges, they’ve installed a unique GPS system to track the location of construction vessels. Interested viewers, or commercial and recreational boaters can look up the locations of the vessels online through an interactive map and adjust their trips accordingly.

The GPS system is part of a broader initiative to keep New York’s many waterways clear of confusion during the summer season. In addition to GPS tracking the state is instituting a geo-fence alarm system to monitor barge movement and safety zone around mooring locations.

Some 90 Tappan Zee Constructors vessels are currently on the Hudson River in the project area and at the peak of activity this summer, 130 or more vessels could be in the work zone. Crew boats, tug boats, barge mounted cranes and barges – as well as temporary fixed platforms – are in the area of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge and may be moved at any time.

CivSource has previously reported on the growth of GPS and interactive geospatial tools by the public sector to provide information about its work. ESRI, the primary provider of such technology recently announced that it will be opening up some of its mapping tools to help further these efforts.