Oklahoma Streamlines CNG Oversight


Paging T. Boone Pickens, Oklahoma is moving forward with its efforts to build out its use of CNG vehicles. Convertible Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles use natural gas to help manage fuel efficiency. The Oklahoma statehouse has passed new legislation that will allow for more oversight of the CNG market through the Labor Department. Under new rules the Department of Labor will oversee natural gas fueling stations throughout the state.

Currently, natural gas fueling is under the oversight of three separate agencies, the new law will bring regulation under a single department and make the process more efficient. Lawmakers also voted to reduce the existing 50% tax credit for CNG vehicles, bringing it down to a still ample 45%.

Oklahoma is working through a one year contract to make more state vehicles run on compressed natural gas. So far the state has ordered more than 300 vehicles, and is on pace to go well over 500 by the end of the contract. Oklahoma has 74 CNG fueling stations statewide and is also looking at ways to build more for the state fleet and as adoption grows among consumers.

Other states are also considering CNG vehicles for state fleets. Louisiana recently purchased several CNG ambulances and Colorado is considering fueling stations as a start. CNG vehicles can get considerable miles to the gallon distance, but their overall adoption remains somewhat low nationwide.