IBM Receives Patent For Cloud Data Prioritization


IBM has received a new patent for how data can be prioritized in the cloud. The patent sets up a workflow for how data can be changed, shared, and prioritized across the cloud. Quality of Service priorities can be modified according to real-time or expected conditions, to reduce data bottlenecks.

As more and more companies take advantage of applications, processes and services delivered via the cloud, vendors are struggling with increased complexity and challenges associated with ensuring uninterrupted data availability. IBM claims that this new prioritization capability can ensure consistent data flow.

CivSource reported last week on a development from Verizon aimed at making cloud services across vendors interoperable. The goal with that work will allow enterprises and other complex organizations like government run a hybrid cloud environment with data and application availability across both public and private cloud services. Verizon has said that it plans to be vendor agnostic and open up the service to all major cloud services providers, presumably including IBM.

“This patented invention will enable cloud service providers to dynamically respond to potential data choke points by changing quality of service priorities to ensure the free flow of data for their clients,” said Rick Hamilton, IBM.

IBM received U.S. Patent #8,631,154 “Dynamically modifying quality of service levels for resources in a networked computing environment,” for the invention.