MACH37 Launches Next Round of Cybersecurity Startups


Last year CivSource reported on a Virginia-based initiative – MACH37 – which aims to be a cybersecurity startup incubator. The organization is relying on the business knowledge of industry veterans and proximity to the federal government to capitalize on and grow the cybersecurity economy in Virginia. Now, MACH37 has announced its second class of chosen startups.

Out of over 40 applicants, five companies were selected to participate in the Spring Cohort to accelerate the growth of their innovative concepts and bring their technologies to market. The MACH37™ program consists of an intense 90-day program in which the selected startups are mentored in all aspects of creating a sustainable and successful business. Participants receive a $50,000 investment to develop and launch their ideas into emerging, investable companies.

The five companies chosen include:

Axon Ghost Sentinel, which provides cybersecurity products based on natural self-organizing systems such as ant colonies and immune systems. The company says these systems provide ‘dynamic security.’

CardKill, which provides credit and debit card fraud solutions.

Disrupt6, which provides disruptive, offensive and defensive internet security solutions.

Fast Orientation, Inc., which provides operational health, continuous awareness, and real-time security solutions for the enterprise.

IDentia Inc , which provides transaction security solutions for the enterprise.

“We are very excited to launch our Spring class of companies who bring to us an excellent and innovative collection of ideas,” said Rick Gordon, Managing Partner of MACH37™. “We look for companies globally who are driven to disrupt the market with a fresh approach to thwarting an aggressive and growing worldwide threat.”