National League of Cities Launches New Website For City Gov


The National League of Cities’ (NLC) Sustainable Cities Institute has launched a new website to provide information, tools and resources to local governments and sustainability professionals who want to pursue sustainability in their cities and communities. The website provides a complete sustainability toolkit that features city profiles and best practices, case studies, model policies and communication tools that cities can use.

The site features a collection of tools, information and resources for those just getting started in sustainability as well as local officials and professions with advanced experience working with sustainability issues. Profiles on a number of cities from Saint Paul, Minn. to Austin, Texas provide information about their commitments to sustainability, internal operations and accomplishments that serve as case studies and best practices that can apply to communities across America.

The redesigned website is a project of the Sustainable Cities Institute at the National League of Cities. Local elected officials and their staffs contributed to the website’s development to provide their best practices and sustainability information for the benefit of cities nationwide.

Topics include areas ranging from water and infrastructure, to food supply planning, energy efficiency and materials management.