University of Texas San Antonio Launches Big Data And Cloud Lab


Earlier this year, CivSource reported on a new Big Data research project at the University of Virgina. Now, the University of Texas San Antonio is getting into the mix with their own Big Data and Cloud lab. The lab will support the Open Compute Project (OCP) through cloud computing and big data research and development.

The laboratory will help the international business community improve their computing platforms through open-source hardware and cloud and big data technologies. The university laboratory will also train a pipeline of students for the workforce. The OCP is focused on making hardware cheaper and developing standards.

The laboratory was built in collaboration with industry partners such as Rackspace, Facebook, Mellanox, Internet2 and others. Research will focus on development of various areas of computing such as Open Compute, OpenStack and Software Defined Network (SDN).

“Our Cloud and Big Data Laboratory will allow us to venture into the unknown so we might better understand new technologies and methods of computing,” said Paul Rad, director of the UTSA laboratory and vice president of research at Rackspace. “By pushing the limits of our current capabilities, expanding our knowledge and examining new usage models, we can dream up new fantastic ways to use technology in the future.”