Accenture To Be Part Of $65M Blanket Purchase Agreement With The Social Security Administration


The Social Security Administration has chosen Accenture to be one of three prime contractors for a $65 million blanket purchase agreement (BPA). The company will provide advisory and support services for the Administration as part of the five-year BPA.

Through the advisory role, Accenture will work on strategic IT planning for the Administration, along with management and support. A recent study by MeriTalk noted that as more agencies move to cloud and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) models, IT spend could drop by $20.5 billion annually, or 25% of the Federal government’s IT budget. he study found that the software application development cycle takes an average of three and a half years. Feds anticipate that moving to PaaS can cut that by 31%, according to the research.

Systems security and risk analysis are also part of Accenture’s mandate under the BPA, security is a rapidly growing focus area for federal, state and local agencies as attacks become more frequent and sophisticated. The federal cybersecurity directive has already translated to some contingency planning at the state level and throughout federal agencies.

Accenture also supports the SSA under the Information Technology Support Services Contract (ITSSC), implementing emerging technology solutions and applications designed to improve the SSA’s service delivery capabilities to current and future beneficiaries.