Verizon Forecasts 2014 Technology Trends


Verizon is out with a new report focused on what next year will hold for public and private sector IT shops. According to the report, 2014 will see a sharp focus on how enterprises and governments use technology to enhance the customer’s experience and enable innovation.

One big issue noted by the report for public sector will be the need to focus on creating customized experiences for citizens as they interact with government online. New technologies will enable agencies to meet this objective, provided they are put in place effectively. (We’re looking at you

Verizon is also building on some of the ideas presented in Cisco’s Internet of Everything, as well as GE’s Industrial Internet with their mobile-2-mobile research. The company predicts that ubiquitous 4G LTE wireless service and the availability of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions “as a service” – on demand, over the Internet and ready to use – coupled with strong security will overcome the issues that have previously prevented many organizations from fully embracing M2M.

On the cybersecurity front, Verizon underscores the manpower shortage that has plagued the industry for some time. The report notes that continued targeted attacks and high-profile security breaches impel corporate boards of directors to demand substantial increases in security investments in 2014 – and rethinking of traditional approaches to cyber security management. As enterprises increasingly adopt mobility, big data, cloud and broadcast solutions, the complexity of effective cybersecurity programs far exceeds both the availability of human capital around the world and the capability of any one enterprise to execute alone.

“Through the pragmatic adoption of IT, government has the opportunity to meet the challenges of stagnant budgets, aging IT systems, skilled staffing shortages and greater demand for enhanced services,” says Michael T. Maiorana, senior vice president of public sector markets, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

“Governments are turning to IT to fundamentally transform how they operate and deliver services.From e-government services and technology-enabled teaching to enhanced situational awareness and data-driven decision making, cloud, mobility and connected machines underpinned by robust cybersecurity measures – the areas of focus for Verizon’s investments.”

The report concludes with research on the future growth of cloud platforms. The company expects to see cloud platforms expand their software and service offerings in an effort to create a stickier client base and expand platforms.