Xerox releases progress report on its state health insurance exchanges


The federal government is expected to release its first data set on how many individuals have signed up for insurance on the federally managed exchange next week, but some state exchanges are going ahead with progress reports now. Xerox which did the build out for several state exchanges published its own progress report yesterday.

Xerox implemented health insurance exchanges in Nevada, New Mexico, and Kentucky. Kevin Walsh, at Xerox wrote in a blog post yesterday, “I’m pleased to say, those states have been running with few technical troubles since opening week, and they are executing on the goal of the Affordable Care Act: increasing access to quality, affordable health coverage for millions of people.” CivSource previously spoke with Kevin ahead of the launch about the exchanges and how states worked with vendors like Xerox to build them out.

According to Xerox, with data through the 30th of October, in Nevada 228,598 have visited the exchange. For a total of 15,556 started applications.

Kentucky, which has an outspoken ACA support in Governor Steve Beshear is also moving full steam ahead. That state, has expanded Medicaid and is working actively to get people on the exchange, an effort which seems to be paying off. Xerox says 345,215 visitors have gone to the exchange website and a total of 59,271 applications have been started.

Xerox provides call center support in addition to the exchanges, similar to what MAXIMUS is doing in a handful of other states.