Image Sensing Systems launches CitySync radar and big data offering for law enforcement


Minnesota-based Image Sensing Systems, Inc. has announced that it is putting “significant resources” behind a new offering – CitySync which uses above ground sensors, radar and big data to help law enforcement manage safety on highways and streets. The first of its official CitySync initiatives, Image Sensing Systems will preview its breakthrough new data analytics software, CitySync Safety, at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference, which begins October 20 in Philadelphia, PA.

Through its research arm, ISS Labs, Image Sensing Systems is investing brainpower into CitySync by investigating new ways to combine above-ground detection technology, radar, big data collection and analysis to give law enforcement, security, parking and traffic management professionals more precise and accurate information. The back office solution automatically turns data collected from license plate recognition (LPR) technology into analyzed information, enabling law enforcement investigators to quickly get the critical evidence they need to move from crime to conviction faster.

CivSource has reported on similar surveillance efforts launched by local law enforcement in Virginia and elsewhere. Police departments are also using predictive analytics to understand population cohorts and facilitate planning.

Image Sensing Systems worked closely with Minneapolis-development company Agosto, a Google Apps and cloud-consulting firm, to bring CitySync Safety to fruition. “The world is ripe for new solutions,” said Kris Tufto, CEO of Image Sensing Systems.

CitySync will be available for on-premise and cloud-based applications in January in the United States.