SeeClickFix adds verified accounts for public sector workers


Civic startup SeeClickFix is rolling out verified accounts for government workers. Much like verified accounts on Twitter, verified accounts on SeeClickFix will show that a comment was made by a government worker, giving citizens concrete evidence that public sector workers are responding to their requests.

SeeClickFix works with government and media to provide local information. Individual users can report local non-emergency problems like pot holes and track how those requests are resolved. So far approximately 160 cities are full partners and have official applications available for residents. Even if a city isn’t an official partner, local residents can report problems through SeeClickFix to get help.

According to Ben Westermann-Clark, Director of Citizen Engagement, at SeeClickFix verified accounts for government workers is a way of lending greater credibility to the service. “I think people like knowing that the person responding to their request actually works for the government and isn’t just a random user,” he tells CivSource.

“Government workers with our partner cities are already verified, and others who use the application but aren’t with us as a full partner can be verified with our free process.”

The company is also partnering with other civic startups like Granicus where services are complementary. “The civic startup space is growing so quickly, there are a lot of opportunities for partnerships and we are pursuing those where they make sense. We’re also planning to continue bringing on partner cities, new features like verified accounts will be part of that bundle as well,” he says.

Recent partner cities include Charleston, Illinois; Macon, Georgia, and Chicopee, MA.

Public sector workers that are interested in being verified on SeeClickFix simply need to send them an email.