NSA to set up new outpost in North Carolina, IBM to build super security lab


Earlier this week, CivSource reported on $6 billion in awards made by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to 17 Big IT vendors for cybersecurity. Now, the NSA has announced that it will also be opening a new out post in North Carolina, and IBM made a strategic acquisition of Israeli company Trusteer in its effort to build a super security lab.

North Carolina State University is partnering with the NSA on its new lab. That lab will work to analyze the data coming out of the NSA’s large operations center in Bluffdale, Utah. The University won a $60 million contract as part of the partnership. The school announced the contract on Thursday, noting that negotiations had been underway for approximately three years.

The new lab will also be affiliated with the NSA’s military component, the Central Security Service, which focuses on protecting national security systems and to produce electronic intelligence information. Unsurprisingly many of the terms of the partnership are being kept secret, although the Salt Lake Tribune reports that the NSA wanted to take advantage of the overall academic community inside the Research Triangle in North Carolina. Researchers will be focused on helping the agency figure out how to manage the data coming out of its massive domestic and international dragnet.

IBM also plans to build out its cybersecurity apparatus with a new Israeli acquisition. The company purchased Israeli-company Trusteer for an undisclosed sum. Trusteer is focused on monitoring risks to computer systems. IBM plans to use the purchase as the foundation for a cybersecurity lab inside Israel.

Trusteer’s client base consists of a number of large US and UK financial institutions. Financial institutions often face the same level of complex threats as governments, as would be attackers seek sensitive and high value consumer data.

IBM is making a big play for the cybersecurity market, the company has some 3,000 security related patents and has made several strategic acquisitions of companies focused on security. The company is working to expand not only the data points it monitors but through the lab work aims to get ahead of threats.

IBM released this video to describe the acquisition: