Berkeley Varitronics Systems launches new surveillance technology that detects hidden cell phones


Berkeley Varitronics Systems a provider of advanced wireless test solutions and security products to the domestic and international wireless telecommunications industry, highlighted two new surveillance technologies at the American Correctional Association and Expo, currently underway, in National Harbor, MD.

The first solution, SentryHound is a fixed system containing highly sensitive sensors detecting any cell phones, on or off, as people walk through. The system consists of a base platform containing a power source and two vertical poles, shoulder width apart and approximately 5 feet high, containing sensors. These sensors run the length of the poles allowing SentryHound to detect any cellphone and even approximate it’s location with ultra-bright LED alerts running the length of the poles.

SentryHound differs from walk-through metal detectors because it only targets cellular phones found in pockets, backpacks, purses, etc while ignoring common metallic items like pocket change, belt buckles and keys that trigger normal metal detectors. According to the company, this makes for streamlined security scans focusing on illegal or unauthorized cell phones being transported through security checkpoints.

SentryHound is portable and simple enough to be transported anywhere and assembled and operational in minutes. The list of potential spaces requiring such a system includes, concerts, theaters, correctional facilities, courtrooms, testing facilities, as well as many government agencies such as DoD, NSA, FBI and CIA.

The second technology, Mastiff, is a turnkey solution designed for the sole purpose of rapid body scans to detect concealed cell phones. As soon as an inmate sits down in the Mastiff – a chair style scanner – their entire body, inside and out, is quickly scanned for any cell phone devices.

Mastiff performs a scan for specific components found in all cell phones allowing it to detect devices concealed in socks, underwear and deep inside body cavities. The product is marketed to correctional authorities as a time saving device for locating contraband cellphones on prisoners.

Mastiff features bright LED alert zones running down each side of the chair. These zones are able to lock onto any hidden device and pinpoint its location to further accelerate searches.