PublicEngines launches crime prediction tool – CommandCentral Predictive


PublicEngines, has CommandCentral Predictive, a crime prediction tool designed to deliver daily reports to law enforcement officers to aid in predicting and preventing crime. According to the company, the tool is designed to push crime data information to law enforcement officials in real-time as they are on the street.

Essentially the tool is for in-office crime analysts who are supposed to provide law enforcement officers with information they need about crimes in their area. CommandCentral looks at the probabilities for crime in given areas and supplies that information to law enforcement, cutting back the workload for analysts.

The company is also marketing the product to smaller organizations who may not have crime analysts on staff.

The tool uses predictive analytics to provide targeted areas where crime is more likely to occur. The software itself is cloud based and will be available for general distribution in Q3 of this year.

The solution is another entrant into a growing predictive analytics field in law enforcement and security. CivSource has previously reported on two separate solutions offered by IBM one used by the Memphis Police. Predictive analytics relies on group patterns of behavior to determine based on probabilities how the group may act or react. Law enforcement is a rapidly growing market segment for this technologies as police departments and first responders try to get a handle on changing population demographies and the use of technology by individuals for crime.

“Most other crime analytics tools assume crime analysts have excess time to use them and work directly with officers in the field. We built this tool for both analysts and officers to use, and built it in a way that is easy-to-deploy,” said William Kilmer, CEO of PublicEngines.