Neurotechnology launches new biometrics solutions

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Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, has launched new updates across all of their Software Development Kits (SDK), including: MegaMatcher 4.5 multi-biometric SDK for large-scale applications, VeriFinger 6.7 for fingerprint identification, VeriLook 5.4 for facial identification, VeriEye 2.7 for iris identification and VeriSpeak 2.0 for voice identification. The company also announced the addition of facial biometrics to the new MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 multi-biometric all-in-one software and hardware solution. Now facial recognition can be used in any combination with fingerprint and iris biometrics for large-scale projects that require high-speed, high-volume identification capabilities.

The new facial biometric capabilities in MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 offer fast matching speeds of up to 100 million templates per second and the solution has a capacity of up to 10 million faces on a single server.

CivSource previously reported on how New Jersey is using biometrics to manage service delivery to its homeless populations. With the development kits, users will be able to develop embedded or mixed biometric systems that work across Linux, Windows, Mac and on Android.

The ability to use multiple biometric modalities provides an even higher level of reliability than the use of any single biometric, which the company says gives the MegaMatcher solution an edge. MegaMatcher can use facial, iris or fingerprint recognition. Given its speed, MegaMatcher can scale to the millions of records required for national-level projects, such as: passport and visa documentation, citizen ID, voter registration, border control and criminal identification.