Oregon passes new government transparency measure


Oregon has passed a new bill that will increase government transparency. Provisions in the bill will add more data to the state’s existing transparency website and also works to keep corruption out of the statehouse.

Data added to the government transparency website through this bill includes meeting notices and more high value information on government contracts. Information on property in enterprise zones will also be added to the website. State officials are also required to post the link to the transparency website on a regular basis.

Oregon first established its transparency website in 2009, and was one of the first states to do so. Since then lawmakers have steadily passed bills to increase the amount and types of data housed on that website.

Notably the new law requires state officials to also post links to other transparency websites the state has like financial district transparency websites. The measure also specifically requires posting copies of local government reports regarding properties in enterprise zones received by the Department of Administrative Services, Department of Revenue or Business Development Department.

“Transparency in government spending checks corruption, bolsters public confidence in government and promotes greater effectiveness and fiscal responsibility. We commend the Oregon legislature for passing this important, bipartisan bill,” said Celeste Meiffren, OSPIRG’s Consumer and Taxpayer Advocate, regarding the unanimous passage of House Bill 2370 through the Oregon House and Senate.