Western governors release energy plan, float shared fire services


Newly elected head of the Western Governors Association, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is already at work on plans for the states he works with. Governor Hickenlooper was picked to head up the association on Monday, and since then has rolled out an energy plan and floated an idea to share fire services across the region.

The energy plan was a key focal point of previous association leader Utah Governor Gary Herbert. The “10-Year Energy Vision” provides a comprehensive approach to energy policy, from fossil fuels to renewables, as well as a focus on energy efficiency, environmental protection and education.

The plan contains six energy goals on which the governors all agree. Some of the goals include: achieving energy security; generating clean, affordable and reliable energy from a diversified portfolio of energy sources; increasing energy efficiency, and protecting wildlife, the environment and natural resources.

“The 10-Year Energy Vision represents a consensus from states with very different resources and policy stances,” said Gov. Herbert. “It was truly a bipartisan effort that includes the perspectives of all the governors.”

In addition, Hickenlooper said to media yesterday that he has floated the idea of a shared aerial fire fleet although no formal planning is underway. Many states in the association are currently dealing with fires and fire threats.

The idea comes as his state was unable to find budget funds for an expanded fire fleet during the last legislative cycle. Sharing services may help states spread out the cost burden.